About us

Katrin & Kai
We think the secret to our kitchen lies in our passion for food, our love of cooking from the heart along with the use of premiem quality products and regional ingredients.
We are both personal chefs and together as „Mallorca Food Club“ we cook and cater for any imaginable event on the island. The venue is exactly where our guests are: on their finca, yacht or on the beach with a picnic.
We chose the name „Mallorca Food Club“ not by chance, but consciously to pay tribute to the island with its traditional cuisine and unique products.

Kai Schnaus

I discovered my passion for sophisticated gastronomic concepts more than 25 years ago when I started working for renowned hotels, restaurants and the world´s largest catering companies. Worldwide events with up to 25,000 guests were not uncommon.
Since then I have been influenced by a wide variety of regional cuisines, styles of cooking, products and ingredients and, last but not least, by many superb chefs and artisanal producers.
At some point I missed the direct, personal contact with my guests and so I opened my own restaurant in Germany, pampered my guests from 2003 to 2010 in the connected catering service and in numerous cooking courses with freshness and sophistication – a childhood dream had finally come true. This dream began as a young boy where I enjoyed cooking for friends and family.
Thanks to these past experiences on my culinary journey, my style of cooking came into being: reducing to the essentials, combining the well-established international cuisine with the new and fresh, seasonal cuisine and without any pretentious showmanship.
In 2010, I fell in love with Mallorca!! Already on my first visit. I was able to experience and appreciate the island with all its beauty, the people with their warmth and the kitchen with its fresh honesty. Countless visits to the island followed. Finally on Christmas 2016, I just stayed with two suitcases and my kitchen knives!

That was the beginning of „Mallorca Food Club“...

Katrin Lustig

I enjoy shopping at the beautiful and colorful markets of Mallorca. The wide variety of products on the island inspires me to experiment with and devise new culinary creations. I have been fascinated by the Mediterranean cuisine for many years—and this is how I came to this dream island after my well-founded culinary education in the Black Forest in the 5-star gourmet hotel “Traube Tonbach”, whose restaurants have won numerous awards. Here on Mallorca, I worked in the well-known restaurant „Moli des Torrent“, owned by Herta and Peter Himbert in Santa Maria del Cami. My next stop on the island was at Josef Sauerschell´s Michelin-star cuisine at „Es Raco des Teix“ in Deia. Before leaving, I was employed as sous-chef. The island became more and more my dream home and I decided to work as a personal chef, giving me not only the wonderful opportunity to cook individually, but also to have personal, direct contact with the guest. That is what makes this new experience so exciting and unique for me. Take a look at the short film to learn more about me.