Business Incentive Events: Cooking Classes on Mallorca:
The perfect incentive!

Whether it is for team building or employee training, cooking class are an ideal team event. 
We know that incentive trips always have a tight schedule and your
stay has to be as effective as possible. Not only do co-workers develop new ideas and work together on various topics, but shared experiences create and encourage stronger bonding and team building.

A business cooking class on Mallorca is ideal for improving teamwork and strengthening ties. Food connects people and it is so easy to get everyone involved! Under the guidance of „Personal Chef“, in a perfect finca atmosphere and with sufficient service, you will be able to concentrate on the essentials of the team experience and your seminar.
Our support and service range from the nutritionally balanced meals for the participants during your seminar to a team-cooking class. In addition to providing you the „usual meals“, we can offer you individualized experiences from tapas to BBQs, to a team-prepared paella to a cozy get-together at the finca.

Your Mallorca incentive will be a profitable decision right from the very beginning! 
Incentive - Business Cooking auf Mallorca