Yacht Catering Mallorca

While you relax and enjoy the splendid view and sea, we will pamper your palate!
A yacht on Mallorca is a dream. But to be honest: complementing wonderful food with such a spectacular atmosphere is part of the overall experience. What could be more superb than to enjoy a breathtaking sunset on the sea with a perfect menu?

To have such a perfect experience, you need a personal chef who knows what is important on the high seas. On board, every move has to be the right one. The yacht kitchen is cramped and everything moves around and often the shopping logistics are more challenging than the art of cooking itself. That is the charm of cooking on board and yacht catering.

Essential for yacht catering: the daily purchase of fresh products. Not only is the quality decisive for the menu but also for the mood on board. From our purchasing contacts, we have optimal access to the freshest products in all the ports of Mallorca. We are connected to a network of merchants who guarantee quality and freshness ensuring your yacht trip to be so memorable.

The right personal chef , the right service combined with wonderful food and the sensational sea will certainly guarantee you an unforgettable yacht excursion.