Mallorca Food Club

Private Cooking Service

We turn your finca into a private restaurant
At home on Mallorca, on the finca or your second home you want to enjoy carefree the best cuisine? Then our private chef service is just right for you! We turn your kitchen into your favorite restaurant!

We are Katrin and Kai - your private chefs on Mallorca. Cooking with passion, best quality products and regional ingredients. That is the secret of our cuisine - and maybe soon yours as well? Together as "Mallorca Food Club" we cook for all occasions on the island. And exactly where our guests are: on their finca, yacht or on the beach at a picnic. With craftsmanship, experience and creativity: from food selection to shopping to your new favorite food on the table. We fulfill your wishes from BBQ to paella to a multi-course menu with dishes from all over the world. From breakfast to midnight snacks. You are the chefs at live cooking at home or enjoy our full service offer!

Private Cooking on Mallorca

We cook on your finca. We spoil you on your yacht. In short: We bring the good taste directly to you. You don't have to worry about anything, just like a visit to a restaurant. Because we do not only cook at your place - we also bring everything else if necessary: Plates, glasses, cutlery, service staff, drinks ... a real all-round service. As a rule, we come to you about two hours before you want to eat, set up in your kitchen and prepare everything: We set your table and are also ready with the first delicacies for the aperitif. We will serve the menu you have chosen. And after the meal we will clean up your kitchen again - as if nothing had happened! 

What our guests say:

Experience more Mallorca with your private chef

Our guests are always faced with the same challenge: They have rented a beautiful finca, are there with friends and loved ones ...and can enjoy their finca only a few hours a day. In the morning they go to the beach or there is an excursion on the program (e.g. a wine trip). In the afternoon they come back, freshen up briefly and in the evening they go to the surrounding restaurants for dinner. This requires a lot of planning: Selecting a restaurant, making a reservation, appointing a driver. That's why it's not uncommon for people to ask, "Can't we just stay at the finca?" Sure! But who's going to cook??? Nobody really feels like it. After all, it's vacation. The solution: rent a private chef.

Book your private cooking and enjoy the Mallorca vacation: Your own kitchen becomes a restaurant!

With our private chef service we will transform your vacation home into your private restaurant. While we cook, you can relax by the pool until the last minute before dinner and enjoy the sunset with an aperitif - which we will be happy to serve you. Perfect! We will take over your kitchen and take care of everything that is needed. Whether food, drinks like local wines or cutlery, dishes and table decoration. From the planning to the washing up. This is how a vacation with pleasure goes!

We meet your taste: culinary art and honest craftsmanship

Mallorca Food Club is not just a name, but a tribute to the island, its unique products and the special attitude to life. Freshness, regionality and sustainability are special concerns for us, which we meet with our large network of farmers, vintners and producers. It is true that the work of the private chef sometimes differs from that of the chef in a restaurant due to the spontaneity and variety. But good food always has in common that the quality already finds its beginning in the earth or on the tree. And Mallorca has a lot to offer in this respect, as evidenced not least by the density of starred cuisine. We develop menus for your taste, completely individually and without guidelines from the cookbook. For initial inspiration, however, you are welcome to take a look at our current catalog. But beware: it will whet your appetite for more!

Frequently asked questions about the Private Cooking Service

A private chef on the finca - how does it work?

Very simple: Exactly the way you want it! You can book our private chef service once, on several days or even for the entire stay on Mallorca. Thus, we can also take into account short-term wishes and select fresh food for every taste.

What is included in the Private Cooking?

If you want, we are there for you all day. We will take care of breakfast in the morning, prepare a packed lunch for the afternoon and have the table set for dinner when you return. We do the shopping for you. You enjoy an "all-round carefree package".

Rent a Cook: How can I book you?

Our concepts are as individual as our support. So that we can create a suitable, individual offer, we need the following information:

Number of guests
place of the location on Mallorca
if applicable, wishes and suggestions for the menu
Type of event

We accompany you from the first inquiry, over the concept creation and calculation up to the enjoyment on site. Of course we will advise you on the choice of food and drinks. If the event should turn out to be a bit more extensive, we can offer the appropriate equipment such as tableware (china and cutlery, glasses), table linen, suitable locations or service personnel through our service partners. Just contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you!